Another reason I love the South


Expert Driver
I have not posted in a while but I had this happen to me and thought it might give someone a little hope that not all the news is bad. I went fishing in Florida last weekend into the first of this week. I hauled the boat so I drove the F-350. The trip down was uneventful. A good time was had by all until about 1 a.m. Tuesday morning. I woke up with severe stomach cramps and constant sit down toilet trips. I mean water hose trips. This is exactly what I needed since I was driving home that morning. I actually had to go to the ER yesterday to get fluids and make sure it was not more serious than a real bad stomach flu. This is just the set up and obviously not what I call a feel good story at this point. Fast forward to the trip home. I drove as far as Tifton and turned over the truck to my fishing buddy. About Perry he felt a vibration in the truck which I soon confirmed. We exited and found a bulge in one of the inner back tires about to explode and destroy the fender well. I had a spare under the truck, a bottle jack, impact with socket, etc. I was not feeling great and cramping frequently and I did not want to put it on my buddy to change this inner tire. So I ask a parts store where the nearest tire shop was. He directed us to two but had a preference for one in particular. We found it about a mile away. It was not a chain and was a very primitive store with a lot of manual tools nothing fancy. A black gentleman came up right away asking how he could help us. I explained the situation and he said he would start right on it. With a floor jack and impact he had the skill of a NASCAR pit crew. In just a bout 15 minutes he was asking me if I needed him to put the old wheel back under the truck. I politely said he had done enough throw it in the back and I would handle it later. He pointed to the make shift office and said the lady would check me out. I went in and a nice young lady asked me what I needed. I explained the situation and said I was there to settle up. She smiled and said "Don't worry about hon it just give the gentleman a couple of bucks for a tip". I swear I almost teared up I was not having a good day and this was like shot of hope in the arm. I thanked her and again offered to pay but she just smiled and said have a good day thanks for thinking about us. I gave the man a $20 and got back on the road. I wrote them a five star review on their site. Have I ever mentioned I love the South.

P.S.- Wholesale Tire Store in Perry, Ga. are great people if you are ever there look them up.