California won't require COVID vaccine to attend schools

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Most states did not follow California's lead when it came to instituting a vaccine mandate for public schools.

However, schools in the District of Columbia plan to require the vaccine starting in the fall.

“This is long overdue. ... A lot of families have been stressed from this decision and worried about it for quite some time," he said. “I wish CDPH would make a bigger statement publicly or Newsom would make a public statement ... to let families know and school districts know that this is no longer going to be an issue for them.”

Representatives for Newsom did not respond to an email requesting comment.

California has had lots of influence over the country's pandemic policies. It was the first state to issue a statewide stay-at-home order — and other states were swift to follow.

But most states did not follow California's lead when it came to the vaccine mandate for public schools. Officials in Louisiana announced a similar mandate, but later backed off. Schools in the District of Columbia plan to require the COVID-19 vaccine starting in the fall.

Republican U.S. Rep. Kevin Kiley, a former member of the state Assembly who challenged Newsom in a failed recall attempt in 2021 over his pandemic policies, published a blog post declaring: “We won. To Gavin Newsom: You lost.”

I am firmly opposed to giving children the vaccine.

There seems to be some fairly good indication now that the vaccine is causing some damage, and we just don't yet know to what extent. Until we have time to find out the long-term effects, I think it's reckless and dangerous to put this stuff in children's bodies.

Remember Newsom is all the dems have... he will be our country's worst nightmare, just like Trudeau is to Canada...they are cut from the same fabric. He is a bad bad man.

Newsom wants kids 6 months to 18 years vaccinated - still.

The state of CA continues to run commercials to vax all the children... for an illness that has no appreciable risk for them, with a shot that has a 1 in 1000 risk of vax injury!

Vaccinated males aged 12-15 had an observed incidence of up to 366 times the expected rate of myopericarditis.​


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