Dallas Hwy Rules Of The Road - Please Read

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Welcome to Dallas Hwy!

The purpose of Dallas Hwy. is to provide a fun meeting and discussion place for it's members.

Caution –Dallas Hwy is a moderated site. We call our moderators "Highway Patrol". Hwy Patrol will delete and edit posts as needed to keep the site free of flame wars, insults, crude language, outside advertising and off-topic replies. Please be polite and helpful in your replies.

Please read through the following rules and instructions.

1. Who Is Welcome Here?

Anyone wishing to have fun while engaging in chat with other members.

a. All members must treat other members with respect. Anyone who posts defamatory, insulting or otherwise disrespectful comments toward others will find their posts deleted and possibly their posting privileges suspended or revoked.

b. Any member that becomes belligerent, argumentative, posts abusive comments or requires too much attention of the Hwy Patrol will lose their posting privileges.

c. Any post or reply that we feel that may cause harm to others or violates any of the site rules will be edited or deleted.

d. Any member who threatens physical harm or legal action against this site, it's staff or owners, or other members will immediately be banned. Dallas Hwy is intended to be a fun and positive place for it's members. Destructive behavior will not be tolerated.

e. We prefer that what happens at other forums - stays at other forums. We are not in competition with other sites, this is simply an alternative to them. Please do not bash other sites or their members by name or implication. Dallas Hwy is a high road. Some healthy venting might be allowed but we don't want Dallas Hwy to become a gripe site.

2. Posting is a Privilege

Please note; you are a guest on a privately managed site. Posting here is a privilege that we hope you will enjoy and respect. The Hwy Patrol can and will remove the posting privileges of any person who does not wish to follow the rules, or in the opinion of the moderators is a detriment to the site. Members who break the rules are subject to receive Flat Tires. Three Flat Tires and your posts will not display until approved by a moderator. Four Flat Tires and you're history...gone...kaput.

3. No Swearing, Nudity, or otherwise inappropriate content.

This is a public site, not a locker room. Swearing or near swearing will cause your post to be deleted. We strive to keep this site family fare; please help us keep it clean. Avatars and signatures must be appropriate for a family environment. The mods will remove any that are not acceptable. These rules are relaxed some in Area 51, but only some. If you want to post something more edgy or adult in nature, please put it in Area 51 and put a warning in the subject line. Any post that could get someone in trouble at work should have a NSFW warning.

4. Do NOT fight with the Moderators

This is a busy site. It is a big job to keep it running smoothly. The mods here are volunteers, and their only desire is to maintain a fun and decent site for our community to enjoy. If a mod deems it necessary to edit a post, remove an avatar or signature, make a deletion, or take any other action; please do not argue on the public forum. Public complaining about moderation will not be tolerated and doing so could earn you a Flat Tire. You may contact the forum management privately if you wish to appeal the action. The mod’s decisions will be final.

5. No company names or proper names in headers. They may be used inside of threads, but members will be expected to use good taste and reasonable discernment. No bad language in headers.

6. One Registration Only

As the board gets larger, it becomes more important that each member has only one registration name. Any member who signs up under a new name will be banned from the site. If you feel you have to re-register with a new name due to a technical problem, be sure to get it OKed by the Site Administrator first.

Exception1: If you have a business you wish to advertise, you may have a separate registration and screen name for your business. We encourage you to use your personal screen name for general posting, and your business screen name for business related posting. Please put e-mail addresses in your profile, not in posts. We do expect our business who advertise for free to contribute to the forum through active participation. At this time, advertising of a business is a free perk for participating members only. This policy is subject to change.

Exception 2: Staff members who have additional registrations for the purpose of running or maintaining the site.

7. No E-mail addresses in posts

Please do not include your e-mail address in your posts or signature file. There are automatic programs called "bots" that will tear through all of our posts if there are e-mail addresses. They gather them for the spammers, but, like the spammers, they have no consideration and can overload our server making it unavailable to legitimate users. Contact info and e-mail addresses may be posted in your Bio/Profile area only.

8. Do not double post or bump

Choose the correct category or section for your thread and put it in only one category forum. Also, if your thread has not received any new posts lately it will slide down the list, so be it. Do not post a reply just to bump it up the list.

9. No spam allowed. We define spam two ways;

-Advertising by outside companies for profit. Posts of this nature will be deleted and the member will be banned. At this time, we do allow participating members with a minimum of 25 posts to advertise their businesses.
-Posting of propaganda or links only. We require all thread-beginning posts to contain at least two sentences of original content to go with any links or pictures. Posts of embedded videos excluded as long as they are kept within reason.

10.Spread the word! Invite your friends and family to join us. Our forum will grow through your referrals, and we will all benefit from more people to interact with. Above all, have fun on Dallas Hwy!

11. Advertising banners are available at a very reasonable cost. Contact the site admin for details.

Thank you,

Staff and Management of Dallas Hwy
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