DeSantis 2024

I predict the evangelicals across the country Trump depended on in 2016 will move to back DeSantis. I am sure the evangelicals didn't appreciate his comment about negotiating with both sides and coming up with a solution both sides would like. I am sure too, they didn't appreciate Trump's non-answer to the question, ''Can a man become a woman?'' Then there is his flip-flop on using special forces to take out Mexican cartels. It's not just the evangelical support he will lose. If he keeps flip-flopping on the issues he will begin to lose some of his other supporters.
Disney's stock value was declining starting in March 2021, when the stock was worth $197.16. In February 2022, the stock value was down to $108.06. DeSantis signed the bill protecting parents' rights in March 2022. The value now is $82.86. Disney's stock was declining because they were putting Woke messaging in their films, and parents didn't like it. I think Disney took its position to take the legislation to court to generate publicity and get more of the left to include the LGBTQ community to support them by investing their money in Disney. It hasn't worked well for the company.