It's that time again....

Guard Dad

Staff member
...time to repave The Hwy. We have hosting and support fees to pay.

Total is a bit over $300 for now.

We have zero revenue from advertising, so we very much appreciate donations from our valued members to pay the bills.

You can use the "Donate" button, or message me or Rolltide to send a check or cash.

You, our members, are what makes special. IMO, we have some of the smartest and most decent people I know posting here. That is what makes us better than other forums.

Thanks in advance for your generous donations. Colson and I will keep the Hwy open regardless, but your help with paying the bills is genuinely appreciated.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Guard Dad


Pursuit Driver
There should be a button right under 'Donate to DallasHwy' at the bottom right of your pic. Just under the 'New posts' and 'Post thread' buttons.


Guard Dad

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Hey boys and girls

As of now, we are still just over $200 short. Any help would be much appreciated.