Marines lose a F-35. Ask Public to help them find it.

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The pilot ejected over South Carolina early this morning, for unknown reasons, but its been determined the plane was in autopilot mode.

The transponder it appears was off, so it's so stealth, no radar could track it, so they have no idea where it went and when it crashed.

Ok, sound like the pilot ejected Sunday evening. So it could have been flying a good bit of the night depending on the fuel load and consumption rate. Wow.
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This reminds me of an episode of JAG. A Navy pilot ejects out of his fighter jet, and the plane is missing. The pilot was part of a nefarious plot to sell the Russians the aircraft.
Reading between the lines, it appears it was either a hardware/software malfunction that ejected the pilot or they did it by mistake.

If you eject by mistake from a perfectly good $135 million dollar jet, can you say " Diego Garcia" as your next assignment until you get out?
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Hang on, let me check my pockets....

Nope, I don't have it. Everyone else check your pockets.

I only joke because the pilot evidently was able to safely eject.
You would think that because it's a stealth fighter, it would have a beacon that would be activated whenever the canopy was completely disengaged from the fighter.
It may have ingested a bird, but the way I understand it, you cannot eject if all systems are normal. The thing was on autopilot at the time, I think it would have been funny if the pilot was catching a few z's and woke up being shot out of that thing. It will be interesting to see what Blancolirio has to say about it.
Strange. I would think if it could fly straight and level with autopilot, the pilot could maneuver it to a base nearby. If there was a problem with landing gear, you would think he would at least stay with the jet and waited to eject somewhere where he was certain when it came down it wouldn't hit a populated area.