Right-Wing Parties Gain Multiple Seats In Major European Parliament Elections

Nice to see that Europe has finally had enough of the Euro, socialism, globalism, and all the other hopeless crap Macron and the rest of the EU woke WEF Klaus Schwab ass kissers want to dump on the world?

Will the US of Gay awaken and protest vote against:
naked trans parades
chopping healthy body parts off of children and giving them hormones that will forever change and sterilize them
grooming children
dog kink....
open borders
illegal immigrant rapists
global warming ideologs who want to take away all gas stoves, water heaters, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, cars, trucks, and semi trucks, in addition to forcing us to give up eating beef, or other nutrition "they" decide we should not have, in order to tell us they are saving the world?

Don't even get me started on the homeless and criminals all these states are afraid to hold accountable least they have BLM or other groups riot... Oh, wait... come August I guess we should see more "peaceful protest" like they did for that poor Saint George Floyd, since Elections in November will be just around the corner.

When will We the People demand back our Constitutional Republic? When will we vote to show Our Protest of the direction that our government is steering our country?

Sadly there are few Jim Jordan and Rand Paul types to vote for...
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