What do you serve a Vegan?


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This is a serious question. We have some friends who have come to visit, and they have gone vegan. They only eat plant based food. No meat, no dairy. I'm trying to think of what we can make for dinner. Obviously, grilled chicken is out. No hamburgers. Geez, even the the buns have milk and egg products.

I'm about down to those big grilled mushrooms stuffed with creamed broccoli. Is there anything else we could serve them? These are really dear friends we have known for many years. We would really like to come up with a dinner that would work for them.

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Vegan Burrito, guacamole, salsa, fresh corn salad. Almost everything Mexican is fresh and can be eaten without meat if you add the beans. You and the wife can add chicken or other meat in your meal.

Dessert: fruit is a great plan. Pineapple, mango, papaya shake some Tajin seasoning on the fruit. 1650685866757.png 1650685950801.png

Brings out the flavor, is a little salty spicy with lime flavor undertones. Wal-Mart carries it. Here all stores have it. So good.

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There is a YouTuber out there that fixes GM diesels. He and his wife are full on Vegens and talk frequently about the many delicious foods they make from veggies only. Problem is they are some of the most obese and out of shape people I have seen on all of YouTube. On top of that, they have a dog that is blind in one eye,,, probably from eating table scraps!!!