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Thought I would start a thread here on the Amazon Sorting Center that apparently is going to be built on the Red Top Mountain Access road between Lake Point and Red Top. Apparently a lot of groundwork has been laid prior to the announcement, almost a done-deal apparently with no input from the citizens of Emerson. I'm new to the area so I do not know who the players are in Emerson or Bartow County government. Now this is not just a little place but will be approximately 5 stories tall and 650,000 square feet. At peak times, 1,100 trucks per day will arrive, that is 45 trucks per hour getting off at Red Top Mountain exit to make the left-hander onto the overpass, then the left-hander to the Connector. Now anyone that has seen the exit prior where the truck stop is located knows a thing or two about back-ups. Trucks do not move like cars and anyone in the area of Red Top exit knows making that left-hander can take some time depending upon the time of day. It is conceivable that a group of trucks arriving at the same time, could cause a nice back-up onto I-75 causing one heck of an accident. Not sure what can be done to fight it. We have a truck depot of Old Dominion already next to the dump, but this thing may make that look very tiny.


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It will definitely cause congestion and travel nightmares, not to mention public safety risks. Those Amazon Fulfillment Centers and popping up all over the country now. I doubt there's much which can be done to prevent it from approval and being a reality though, I'm sure there's a lot of backroom deals made for such a venture.


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I am sure the planning authorities included traffic flow into their design or actually the design submitted by the engineering firms to the county/city/DOT. I would imagine there will be additional lanes (turning, accel, decel, etc.) involved as well as traffic light coordination. Having said that there will be a huge increase in motor freight/delivery traffic in that small area between the interstate and the center. For reasons unknown to me that stretch of I-75 between Emerson and Cassville/White road is consistently the most dangerous stretch of interstate in Georgia by statistics from the Department of Public Safety. I travel the short section between Highway 20 and Hwy 113 (Main Street) fairly frequently to avoid 41's traffic lights. There are no blind curves, steep grades, narrow lanes, soft shoulders, sunrise/sunset issues (like I-20) so it has always puzzled me why all the accidents many of which are fatal. Addressing peoples concern a lot of these involve tractor trailers. In fact it was on that stretch that Jeff Eberhart was killed on his motorcycle. God rest his soul.


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We've started a website to address this very issue. Lake Allatoona is one of the most frequently visited lakes in the nation and the exit where the Amazon sorting facility is planned to be built, is one of the busiest, with LakePoint Sports Complex and Red Top Mountain State Park located there. This fast-tracked development would introduce 1,100 trucks per day to the mix, that is 45 trucks per hour getting off at Red Top Mountain exit to make the left-hander onto the overpass, and then the left-hander onto the Connector.

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There is an amazon delivery station going in at 3rd Army Rd right on the Cobb/Bartow border as well. This will boost traffic on Route 293 and US 41. Gonna be fun when the new interchange to I-75 starts being constructed.


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