Another one bites the dust

Captain Rhett Butler

Expert Driver
Where's Al, Jesse & Maxine on this one? A 7 year old girl dies and you hear crickets from the BLM terrorists. This crime wave sweeping across the land is diabolical. I'm scared to ask just how much worse it can get?


Expert Driver
Let me first state this is a horrific tragedy and I cannot imagine the pain the family is going through. The answer as to why the race whores are not up in arms is because there is no one to extort. It doesn't fit the narrative of racists, gun loving, immigrant hating, right winged, rich, privileged, white, LEO supporting , Nazi's systematically executing innocent minorities. If the BLM/Race Whores gave a tinkers damn about "their people" they would be looking in the mirror at their inner city gang cultures and focusing their efforts in their own back yards first. If they want to boycott they should boycott the Gansta music industry that perpetuates violence against women, LEO's and other gangs. They should boycott the fast food industry that floods their neighborhoods with low nutrition high fat junk food causing serious weight and health issues in their culture. They should boycott shoe manufacturers who produce limited issue way overpriced merchandise targeted at minorities that cannot afford them without resorting to criminal activity obtain them. They should boycott "clubs" where baby daddies hang out until dawn instead of being home raising their children and preparing them make a better life for themselves. They should boycott the drug dealers who kill their children at a young age. They should boycott the politically motivated so called reverends who only give a damn about their influence and power not the welfare of their flock. They should boycott the lotteries that addict them to gambling instead of feeding their kids. They should boycott the liquor industry that addicts them to alcohol targeting specific cultures with brand specific advertising making being a freaking drunk look romantic. They should boycott the Democratic party for lying to them and using them like slaves for years addicting them to welfare and giving them nothing else in return for their loyalty. They should boycott the public school system for doing a horrible job educating their children. Lastly they should boycott the MSM for lying to them on a daily basis and perpetuating the stereotype that they are too damn stupid to think for themselves. Sorry got a little carried away.