Chairman Carmichael Signs Ordinance 20-03 "A Declaration of a State of Emergency"

The Sound Guy

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Stupid county posts pdfs of PICTURES of the documents. So I can't copy it here.


There is an emergency. ( 2 pages)
1) People who are sick should not go into public areas like stores and stuff.
2) All County parks are closed. (Burnt Hickory park had a park employee at the entrance at lunch today blocking it off)
3) No Utility cutoffs for county customers. (Water/sewer?)
4) Licencing deadlines are delayed until the SOE is declared over.
5) Restaurants with Alcohol Consumption Licenses can now sell un-opened bottles/cans to take out.
6) Lots of businesses that involve groups of people are closed.
7) Stay 6 ft apart if you need to go out and no more than ten people in a business at a time if there is not enough room to maintain the distance.
8) County doesn't have to bid for services any more. Good old boys will be first in line. County officials shall try to get the best price, yada yada.