Emotionally Troubled Climate Crusader, Scowling Greta Thunberg In Your Lunch Room

Little Sister Is Watching: Scowling Greta Coming to a Kitchen Near You

Allison Kaplan Sommer reports for Haaretz that "employees have been placing photos of a judgmental-looking Thunberg on top of their office’s supply of disposable cups, plastic plates and utensils." This is kind of a big deal in Israel, where there's a high proportion of workers trying to keep kosher -- and that means using disposable utensils in non-kosher kitchens. As Kaplan writes, "many more workplaces, including the Israeli army, have been more resistant to getting rid of paper and plastic" for exactly that reason.

So what's a Gaia-worshipping buttinsky to do? Why, the same thing they do at various UN conferences, for major media outlets, and on fake eco-tours: Turn for help to that GenZ superhero, Scowling Greta.
There is a more serious angle to this story though. Following WWII and the Holocaust, Israel was founded -- and backed up by a sierra-hotel defense force -- as the one place in the world where Jews would always be free to practice Judaism. Flash forward to today, and you have simple soldiers and office workers being shamed out of keeping kosher. I'm not religious, and I'd probably be terrible at it if I tried, but what gives Gaia-worshippers the right to harass people of other faiths in their own workplaces?

Oh, right... progressives always know best, and enjoy nothing but impunity for their annoying little stratagems. And here's an easy prediction: Now that Greta Shaming has made the papers, it won't be long before it goes global.

Oh, Lort!!! It just gets worse...

Mural of activist Greta Thunberg going up in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg is staring down at pedestrians in the heart of San Francisco where an artist is painting a massive mural of the Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Argentine muralist Andres Iglesias, who signs his art with the pseudonym Cobre, is set to finish the artwork of the Swedish 16-year-old in Union Square by next week, SFGate reported Friday.

Iglesias told SFGate that he's donating his time to complete the work and that he hopes the mural helps people realize "we have to take care of the world."