High School Football Scores


Serenity, through modern chemistry
Yep. Thanks Pax, had kids at north and paulding so it’s always interesting!
My kids went to East and I got interested in the high schools, and since I was looking up the scores anyway, I thought I'd post them.
Next week is the last week of the regular season, then I'll have to scramble for the playoff schedule.
I'm glad there are others interested in the high schools here.


Serenity, through modern chemistry
Friday November 8th

East Paulding (4-6) 21
Villa Rica (2-8) 13

Hiram (5-5) 32
Carrollton (10-0) 50

North Paulding (6-4) 19
McEachern (10-0) 49

South Paulding (8-2) 7
Creekside (6-4) 6

Paulding County (3-7) 25

Cass (4-6) 51
It appears Carrolton and McEachern are power houses again. We played McEachern on our regular schedule back in the stone ages. This was just prior to the Jim Dorsey power reign of the mid-eighties and nineties. Coach Dorsey was my O-Line coach in 78-79 before he went to Paulding then McEachern. He was a very good coach and one of my favorites. He also taught PE and Biology back in the day. Congrats South Paulding on making the playoffs and the tight win last night.


Serenity, through modern chemistry
Round one playoff matchups. November 15th is an assumed date. Home team in bold.


McEachern (10-0)
North Paulding (6-4) Rematch!!

Marietta (8-2)
Camden County (8-2)


South Paulding (8-2)
North Atlanta (7-3)

Allatoona (6-2)
Gainsville (5-5)


Hiram (5-5)
S.W. DeKalb (9-1)

Carrollton (10-0)
Arabia Mountain (2-8)

Rome (8-2)
Lithonia (4-6)


Rockmart (9-0)
Temple (6-4)
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