I have a confession.


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Years ago, when Harry Potter came out, I tried to read it, but I couldn't get into it: I was reading other stuff. So, I never got into the series like my friends did. So, last night, I started the first Harry Potter, and I am hooked. Sorry, I know it's a young adult series, but the writing is so well done. Before you know it, I'll be addressing you all as Muggles!!

(GRRM better hurry up and give me something else!)


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It's actually pretty entertaining, if you keep in mind its audience. Certainly the books are far better than the movies. I was always excited to read each book, but I quit the movies several movies ago.

That said, these are not books I will reread. They are like candy: entertaining, but not a daily part of my diet.


First, I loved the Harry Potter series.
One of the few fictional works I read all of.
I bought the first book for my son for Christmas and read it to him.
I then bought him the next in the series, for Christmas, every time a new book came out.
Not sure if he ever finished the series, but I did.
Like Waski said, it was something that I enjoyed reading at the time, but it will be a long time before I reread the series.
(I am a huge re-reader of my books, there are just a few that I have only ever read one time, most at least 3 times)

My mother, sweet caring lady that she is, had heard all the hoopla about the books being bad and from Satan and etc.
She had a heart to heart with me after the 1st book became so big and all the preachers and people were talking about how it glorified witches and witchcraft.
Because my mom was so serious about it, I had to actually have a real discussion instead of my usual flip remarks.
I explained that it no more glorified witches than had Samantha on the TV show Bewitched, which our family loved.
My mother was intractable.
Finally I asked, have you read the book?
Well, you actually read the book and then if you still believe it glorifies witches and witchcraft and is of the Devil, then I will seriously consider not getting my son anymore of the books, nor take him to the movies.
My mother agreed.
(now in the old days, she would have said she didn't have to study or read the books to know they were of the Devil, but she has learned that the best way to know what something truly is, is to investigate it yourself)
So i bought my mother the 1st book.
A week later, my mother called me and said she really enjoyed the book and that it was no more of the Devil, than the TV shows, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Munsters or The Adams Family were.
She even watched as many of the movies as she could catch on TV.
I was very proud of my mother as this would not have happened like it did, say 20 years before.
We would have ended up having a big fight with her certain that I was leading my son to hell on the back of a broomstick.

So, enjoy the ride MrsB, it really is a fun one.


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The series is good. The movies were okay, I purchased them (but haven't watched them more than once).


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The HP book series was hands down one of the best things we could have done for our middle daughter. She was lagging in the reading department and it showed in her school work. Once she started reading HP that all changed. She got excited about reading and ended up graduating with honors from HS and College.

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Can't get into the hocus pocus stuff, but to each his own. Daughter Colson read the books and drug me to one of the movies years ago. After an hour I wanted to put my gun in my mouth. :\'(


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Grey Colson date=1449241100 said:
Can't get into the hocus pocus stuff, but to each his own. Daughter Colson read the books and drug me to one of the movies years ago. After an hour I wanted to put my gun in my mouth. :\'(

We're glad you didn't!

There's a lady I know that actually did do that. However the ammo was so old that the gun powder had dissolved, and the bullet just lodged in the back of her throat, doing no harm at all. I hope she thanks the Lord above everyday.


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I agree with Stradial and Waski - it is candy. But, I am *almost* 35, so i am already starting to struggle. LOL I have always been a reader, so Harry Potter has always made me very happy because it got people to actually read. And enjoy it!! Even before I actually read it. Now, I am only halfway through and I am not sure I can finish. Not because it is bad, but because, well, it's very young adult. It is, however, very well written.

When HP first came out, please don't laugh, but I was really into books such as "Farenheit 451"(Ray Bradbury) and "Athem" (Ayn Rand). I was a dork when it came to books. I didn't read them for school. I read them for fun. I actually did my research paper in HS on nursing in the dark ages (10th grade academic honors), and my follow up my senior year (also AH) was on the Salem witch trials and why Arthur Millers' "The Crucible" was historically incorrect, and what really happened at the trials and why it's a scar on our history.

I told you. I am a dork. Always have been.