Is Harris really that stupid?

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She hasn't a clue about the rise in illegal immigration since Biden was sworn into office. She wants us to believe it's because the people are escaping oppression and persecution. She met with Guatemala's president who said the current border crisis was because of the message Biden sent saying they could come.

The fact is during the Trump administration the message was clear, "Don't try to come here illegally because you won't let you in." Trump was enforcing our immigration laws. There's a process established by law those in other countries must follow to be granted a visa or asylum.

Harris knows damn well what the immigration laws are and that the law says to deport those who came here illegally. She and the far left want an open border to allow anyone who wants to come and live here do so. This is blowing up in their faces because the majority of US citizens do not want an open border. They don't want a flood of people coming here to take away jobs.

Republicans really need to push this issue in 2022.



This post will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....
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Wait a minute, is this a trick question? The word on the street is that she’s great at tricks, not so much with questions.
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Take any of the main positions from the political left and they make you wonder what the heck is wrong with these people.

Their economics is based on failure and pure fiction, their border policy is a recipe for disaster, they pay people not to work, they want to remove law and order, they want men to go into women's restrooms and girl's locker rooms, they have created shortages and high prices...I could go on.

Sad thing is...most of it has been tried before, and it always fails, yet they want it again.

Smart people don't do that.

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Let me share some information.

It is a long story, because the information was gained by speaking with many to try and understand what parameters were in play for my business, and at the same time it dovetailed with other info I had from within the industry.

I was called by someone who represented a company who needed lodging for government travel. They needed Government Per Diem Rates for 90 days. I was told it would be for two rooms, one for the bus driver and one for his boss. They would not need to park the bus on our property once the job started, so we did not have to provide parking.

The next night around 9 PM the driver and his boss arrived. I tried to figure out if they were going to be there the whole 90 days or if they would be taking weekends to head home during the 90 days. It has to do with taxes, if they stay 31 days they become tax exempt... I have to manually take off all the the taxes for that stay... it is a huge pain to do in our system. The main driver said he would be doing it for 3 weeks, and they would swap out another driver at that time. It would be that way through the 90 days... every 3 weeks someone new comes in. The boss would be staying a few nights at a time, checking in and leaving after 2 or 3 days each stay.

Once I saw the bus was for Covid testing, I asked where in the city were they going to be using the bus?... at that point I was just curious, (because that is one effen expensive bus to drive around a city that is at the end of Covid...?) He said, "No it would only be at one site, the Sheraton Four Points. Isn't that just around the corner from here?"

It is a mile from our hotel... but there are NO people who live in that area, it is all commercial, located by a tourism area, Old Town ,that was the site of California's first settlement in 1769, There are wonderful shops, museums, restaurants, and parks... but no residential ... and the homes above Old Town are some of the most exclusive and valuable ... no need for Covid testing there!!!!????

It had me puzzled, because the areas in San Diego that might need mobile Covid testing are down by the border, and in the communities in the south of San Diego.

Those are the areas Gavin Newsom threatened that if the City Government of San Diego did not have more money invested in them for "Equity," we could not open other businesses and get back to life ... as Kalifornia would not let us move to the next tier in Governor Newsom's maniacal scheme that still has us masked and at 50% capacity for businesses...but I digress out of anger....

The Sheraton Four Points has been closed, not taking guests. Initially anyone who had a reservation, they were accommodating. But they were telling anyone interesting in booking they had a flood so they only had limited rooms. The supposed flood happened MANY months ago, and now they are fully closed to any reservations.

Without guests, the Sheraton has a large open parking lot for the bus... but we in the industry thought something else fishy was going on, because it has been too many months... with a flood, you get in the rooms dry them out redo what needs to be done and open back up. But now they are fully closed and not taking any guests.

So the next day the boss and the bus driver head out to for their new assignment with the bus and the government car that has police type white light strip on the top (I should have taken a photo of it too.)

They return that evening, I say hello, asked how it went, he said great. I said are people driving there to get tested? He said no, they bring them in van loads...:dunno: that did not makes sense... why would San Diego bring van loads of people to test to a mobile testing site?

They next morning they head out I say have a nice day... around 5PM they arrive back with the bus (Pictured Below) and say they are checking out, they have enjoyed their stay, but they were told the bus was "too visible."? The boss will leave in the morning, but the bus driver was headed back home to Northern California with the bus that night. Shut the front door... what the heck?

So here is where it gets good... they are up in their rooms, I go out to take pictures... they have information on a paper in the window in English and Portuguese!!!! Holy SHIT... I figure they must be bringing in MORE Brazilians, and they are testing them prior to housing them all together... or something... there is no other reason to bring van loads of people to be tested... you would not put a load of people together in a van if you thought they had covid!

That hotel, has kept saying they had a flood, which makes no sense. We have no rain here, and even when the sprinklers go off and ruin things, it does not take this long to recover a hotel.

Remember, I know someone from a hotel who told me his hotel is housing illegal immigrants shipped here from Texas... the illegal immigrants are ALL from Brazil... families from Brazil with cash, and gold and silver jewelry. Brazilians speak Portuguese.

So yesterday I spoke with him and asked if his hotel still had the Brazilians? He said yes, they were told at least for another 90 days, they had a new contract just signed for 90 days. I said do you know what is going on at Sheraton Four Points, because they have Brazilians too? He said those are the kids who don't have their family, they are alone. He said we have the families with the kids. I said where are they coming from, he said Texas.

He said they are sending the families to other states to live, in the East... like North Carolina, Illinois, and other east coast cities because they have family who already live there.... What!!!!!?????

I suspect the news, or other people like me, put two and two together with the big bus, since he said "the bus was too visible..."

I have not heard anything in the news about Brazilians being housed in San Diego... People were saying that at the border on the Mexico side, there is all sorts of trash left behind from the illegal immigrants and there are actually plane boarding passes in this trash. These people are not walking into Mexico and up to the USA Mexico border... they are flying in.

The world knows if you want to live in the USA, now is the time to storm the border.

Our government has contracts for at least another 90 days... this is on top of the first 90 days... and that hotel... it does not show any rooms to sell even in February 2022... just say'n.

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