It's A Go!!! - Please Read

Guard Dad

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After looking at several different software packages, the Nerd Herd is recommending that we go with XenForo.

We feel that it's clean and user friendly, it has the features we want, and it comes with a script to migrate our content from the original SMF. As previously mentioned, our geeks have written a custom script to take us back to SMF from the unfortunate Nitro software we are using now.

This won't happen immediately; I'm guessing for now that we're looking at at least a couple of weeks. There is considerable preparation work to be done under the hood before we even start. There might be some forum down time when we start the migration, but we will give you some heads up for that.

The Nerd Heard thinks everything will transfer, except possibly the avatars. So if you need to save your avatar, please go ahead and download it to a computer so you can re-upload it after the change.

I think this will be an exciting upgrade for The Hwy.

We'll keep you posted.
Also, it's probably a good idea to make sure your email address is correct in your account settings just in case passwords don't import (they should but ya never know with these darn computers) and you have to go through the process to reset your password. To get to account settings, click on your username at the top and then click on Account Settings under Modify Profile.

The Nerd Herd has successfully migrated our content to a test forum using the new software. A few bugs to work out, but it looks very clean and runs fast. So it's looking very good for now.

Keep your engines running!!
Just to reiterate...

All member please make sure you have a correct e-mail address listed in your profile. The new software has a verification feature as an added security measure, and if we continue to use it you will have to enter a security code that will be emailed to you before you can get in. So if you don't have a valid email address, you're screwed.