Nikki Haley 2024

The buzz is about Haley today. Her numbers are surging; she's firmly in second place in Iowa and New Hampshire. And there's a poll out that shows she will do best of all the GOP candidates against Biden, beating him by 11 points.
One problem with Social Security today is most people who collect it will never get back what they paid into it. Increasing the eligibility age guarantees the government keeps more of what you paid into it.

Making the rich pay into Social Security but making them ineligible to collect the benefit is nothing more than an additional tax.

There needs to be reform to it, but Haley's idea favors the government more than it does the beneficiaries. Real reform should be to discontinue the benefit to those who didn't contribute. It should also never allow someone to collect more than they contributed to it.

Republicans have been saying for decades Social Security will run out of money if reforms aren't made. Back when I was in my 20s, they were saying those in my generation would never see a dime because Social Security would be out of money. It never happened.

Since the implementation of Social Security, tens of millions of people have died before they were eligible to collect. Millions more have died before they ever exhausted the money in their account.

The real danger to Social Security is government spending, and both parties are guilty of putting this country further and further into debt. Instead of all these CRs, make and pass budgets that reduce spending and allow payments to be made to reduce the debt. Quit believing that other countries will be our friends if we continue to give them billions of dollars.