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Went out to spray foam around the windows and doors at our house build since it's required in order to pass the next inspection. I knew it was a nasty job but when the spray can is defective or the gun attachment malfunctions it's a freaking mess. Of two cans I'm pretty sure half was on the floor, ladder, clothes, and boots. To make matters worse the cleaner isn't effective once the foam dries. The Queen had to drive home and I spent 3 hours soaking in acetone which was the only thing that even came close to cutting it. I literally scrapped the skin off my hands to get that crap off. Neither gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirits, nor brake cleaner worked at all.
Got a bunch on me awhile back. Only thing that worked was, I slathered my hands in hand lotion until my skin finally got so slick the foam turned loose.
somebody should invent something to wrap the hands in......call it a glove or something

I just told the Queen that only a few minutes ago. She just rolled her eyes and mumbled something like "that would be smart", or maybe it was "where's your credit card." Anyhow, gloves are on the list.
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I'm gonna have the Queen over to listen to the theater room so she'll make you wire for home theater.