This is how we treat our armed forces now?

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They let them back into the capitol building today after it had been all over the news they were forced out to the parking garage.

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They let them back into the capitol building today after it had been all over the news they were forced out to the parking garage.
You know there were jabs at President Trump that now the smell of hamburgers would be out of the White House... but I know, for instance, he would think of how he was impacting the National Guard if they were protecting him... I know he would insist they were taken care of and done something nice like making sure they had a secure comfortable place and sent them some American Hamburgers.

Say what you will about Trump. He connects with the guy on the street. He cares about our patriotic military heros. Democrats only care about Hollywood Stars, and being seen with them. Trump would have gone to see the National Guards and make sure that they were also being taken care of, even on a busy day... because he has the energy. He would not have let them sit in a garage with 2 toilets, one electrical outlet and no wifi service... This is what slow Joe and the Ho will give our nation for their term.

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Yeah, it did too. At least for some of them. There are videos showing it.
pfffff pesky little annoyances like evidence...

Dems just lie and it goes away like voter fraud of ballet harvesting and dominion voting machine and a non existent water leak the night of the election so they sent the observers and media home... then told everyone:

"observers and media were not asked to leave," but "simply left on their own" when they saw one group of workers depart after their job was done. The video also "revealed that there were no mystery ballots that were brought in from an unknown location and hidden under tables," just boxes sealed and openly placed there by workers who briefly, incorrectly thought they were done counting for the night."


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Biden’s Covid Cluster: Hundreds of National Guard Troops in D.C. Test Positive or Are in Quarantine After Deployment for Inaugural
GP ^ | January 22, 2021 | Kristinn Taylor
Posted on 1/22/2021, 11:16:50 AM by White Lives Matter

Hundreds of National Guard troops deployed to Washington, D.C. for the Biden inaugural this week have tested positive for the COVID-19 China coronavirus or are in quarantine for exposure to the virus, according to a report by Politico published Friday. Troops have been seen resting and sleeping in close quarters since their arrival at the Capitol last week. Thursday night 5,000 troops were reported to have been ordered to rest in a parking garage on Capitol grounds, prompting outrage among Congressmen and Senators. Because of long shifts that keep them from going back to their hotel rooms in the city, troops have been taking breaks in close quarters.

.... Snip.....

Now the deployment is turning into a superspreader event, Politico reports

biden can't catch a break everything he's done in the past days have been a tragic failure. Kinda like his 40 year career. At least he wakes up in the morning and can't remember the mistakes.

This is unpossible. Every picture I’ve seen shows everyone wearing a mask, unless, of course, masks don’t work.


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It happened to some. Apparently it didn't happen to any Georgia guardsmen. Desantis, the Governor of Florida, has called that state's guard troops home however as it appears they were involved.

Don't worry though, they will just be cold until Biden figures out a way to get them back to the Iraqi desert.


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I guess I'll take the other side in this one. I'd venture to say anywhere they could rest and relax in DC would be better than anywhere in other hell holes. Most probably didn't even notice the issue until they saw it on social media.
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It's really disappointing to see that those requesting and those authorizing the deployment of the Guard in DC did not make any attempt to decide where and how to billet 25,000 soldiers. I wouldn't be surprised if the soldiers were given three MREs a day to eat. Even having them sleeping on the floors of the capitol building was a bad idea, even with cots. Leadership surely didn't think that stuff through at all.