Top Dems rebuke Ilhan Omar for US, Israel comparison to terrorist groups: 'no moral equivalency'

Guard Dad

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The Democrats will eventually face a "civil war" within their own party.

The party has been taken over by the radicals, their positions and agenda are very different from Democrats of a few years ago.

Problem is...there are still some centrists in the Democratic Party. They have so far been kept in lock step by Pelosi, but the reasonably minded people in the party are starting to draw the line at some of the crap the radicals are coming up with.

Israel will be one of the issues that fracture the Democrats. Spending and Taxation is nearing a point where some of the Dems can no longer go along with it. And the moral issues are becoming problematic for some of the more traditional Dems.

So yeah, trouble is brewing. It will be fun to watch.