Trump 2024

Pot, this is kettle.

I'm not the one who posts about him all day every day. I don't scan the internet, looking for negative articles about him.

I just want fair elections. Anyone who isn't concerned about that is a fool.

I don't post about him all day, every day. One doesn't have to scan the web to find anything negative about Trump. It's in our faces every day.
Pot, this is kettle.

I'm not the one who posts about him all day every day. I don't scan the internet, looking for negative articles about him.

I just want fair elections. Anyone who isn't concerned about that is a fool.
This is a great example of why I’m not wasting my brain cells debating politics here, I never really visited the “other site” but this has to be fairly close to what it must have been like.

Just go vote and refrain from the nonsense.
Nothing I have read on this site holds a candle to the wacko leftist who ran the other site nor some of the truly mentally disturbed posters that were in his camp (TP). What I do see are people getting defensive instead of logically debating. It seems to be human nature to get defensive when you know you are wrong and cannot give a reasonable reason for your belief. This mindset seems to be more in the Trump camp than other camps by my observations. Personally I think the election fraud conspiracy theory (yes at this point it is a conspiracy theory) has done tremendous damage to democracy. I believe it was a major factor in this state having two horrible U.S. senators. It has undermined the very heart of democracy the right to vote for the candidate of your choice with confidence your voice is being heard. I also believe the mail in/drop box/electronic methods of voting are ripe for corruption and should be changed. If not for the limp wristed voters in our neighboring state to the south we could still be using push pins and paper ballots that are permanent records and cannot be hacked as long as proper stewardship is practiced. Is there voter fraud? Yes. No one here has any idea the level nor the impact it has on any election. I would logically think if it were systemic and wide spread enough to effect a national election there would have been some tangible evidence that would have been introduced by now. I do know one thing divide and conquer is very much a military and political tactic. The left has studied Julius Caesar. JMO.
I don't give a rat's arse about whose name is on the ballot, the current system is flawed and until an effort is made to assure the American people that results are accurate and trustworthy then many will have no confidence in the system, or worse, not participate. I'm frankly surprised at how many seemingly intelligent people are unable to grasp that notion. I guess only when it affects their candidate they'll be more opt to wanting change.

Judge rules former President Donald Trump is eligible for Colorado's primary ballot​


Bill Maher says Dems' last-minute San Fran clean-up for Xi is a sign that 'Trump is winning' in 2024​

Maher is wrong. It was cleaned up to impress their Chinese owner.

Who does the following describe?

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