Warren wants more government control over businesses

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Pursuit Driver
Warren is now advocating for passage of her Schedules That Work Act, forcing businesses to make employee work schedules two weeks in advance in order to give part-time employees more predictable work schedules. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/wa...ules-more-predictable-for-part-time-employees

It's not a bad idea for employers with 15 or more employees to post work schedules two weeks in advance; we do it. Should there be a federal law mandating private businesses post work schedules two weeks in advance? How would the federal government enforce it and what would action would they take against an employer who did not post a schedule two weeks in advance? What then would be the next law the federal government passes dictating what practices an employer in the private sector will do?

Warren's biggest beef in this is the fact there are now a far greater number of part-time employees than there ever was before passage of Obamacare. Employers started hiring more part-time employees over full-time employees to reduce the increased cost of health care coverage to employers that Obamacare created. If Warren and the rest of the Democratic Party really want to see less people employed part-time and more employed full-time, then do away with Obamacare. Single-payer is not the answer because that's only going to increase taxes on every single person in this country and corporations to pay for it. Such a move would only result in higher unemployment and less tax revenue collected by the government.

Warren's Schedules That Work Act is only a move to get all those part-time employees in this country to think she really cares about them in order to get their support. In the long run, her economic policies will only screw them and the rest of us over royally.


Pursuit Driver
Come on people....Warren knows much better how to run any company than the business owner does. We can't trust business owners to be able to run their business...we need the govt to guide them along the way with laws like this.