Guard Dad

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Tonight - Clean up the pool area for a birthday party tomorrow. (Did date night last night)

Saturday - Birthday party for middle granddaughter. Also working on some chores

Sunday - AM church, then chill


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Tonight - Dinner and watch some shows

Saturday - chores and chill

Sunday - AM church, lunch and chill

The Sound Guy

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Tonight - get ready for Sound Daughter's move tomorrow.

Saturday - AM and afternoon, Move Sound Daughter to her house. Changing out the panel and a few other items cost me $3300 bucks, but the house is ready. In the evening, we are going to our Godson's engagement party.

Sunday - Church in the AM. Visit Mom in the afternoon. Relax in the evening.


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Friday - visit with family in from out of town and play with our 2 year old grandson who lives in south Georgia.

Saturday - gender reveal for our son and his wife who is expecting their first child in Oct.

Sunday - Say goodbye to our grandson as he leaves to return home. He'll get a big ole hug and kiss (whether he likes it or not).


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Friday-chores, grill out, chill
Saturday- chores, horse show in Franklin starts at 5 pm, haul home, sleep
Sunday- maybe sleep in until 8 if I can, chores, lunch, maybe some yard work, chill