School shooting in TX elementary school

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The sad thing is every school now has a handful to a dozen psycho students. EVERYONE in the school knows who they are. No one is allowed to talk about it.

The normal students are told to ignore them, or accept them... when they should have the natural instinct to be scared of them, run away, or refuse to be in a room with them. And yet, they are told by the school system to accept them and have empathy... what bull shit.

Schools no longer weed out the aberrant behavior students, sending them to alternative schools like they did back in the 70's and earlier. When they become violent and a safety concern, you can't suspend or transfer these kids with mental problems.

The system consistently looks the other way. Neither getting them help or removing them from other well adapted children. Instead we deaden the normal kids perception of who is dangerous by asking our precocious children to sit next to these mal adapted ticking time bombs... until no one talks about the odd behavior, or reports it, because they have been lead to believe it is okay... why else would that kid still be in the class room?

Until we take mental health seriously, and take kids with mental issues out of the public schools and get them help, we will continue to see mass shootings, or using a machete, or hammer or car to injure others. Since they are familiar with schools, they seem to be drawn to that venue.

From the article:
He said one teacher told him Ramos "was the student who scared her the most" and that the suspect had begun "dressing like a mass shooter" months before.

He also said that through interviews, many residents observed seeing Ramos carrying a bag of dead cats. Despite what Bettencourt described as such "animal abuse" and "abhorrent behavior," there was no known record of it from either the school district or law enforcement before the shooting.